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So I am sure many of you guys have heard about the new model of dreambox that has been released that allows you to get TV for free with no monthly bills? Well if not then give this post a quick read :). The dreambox is essentially a free to air satellite receiver that allows you to pick up your favorite UK channels without the need to pay expensive monthly bills. All you need to get up and running is a satellite dish which most people at this stage already have and a dreambox itself.

dreambox TV IrelandThe dreambox is a pretty affordable piece of hardware and there are a range of options from €75 – €200 upwards. The main difference between the boxes is in the hardware and of course the user interface which can be a bit more difficult to use on the cheaper models. Most of the models actually do the same thing and the price range only really effects extras that most people will not use. Some things to look out for when picking up one of these boxes is what channels it can pick up. Most boxes now will only pick up UK channels for being based in Ireland (like most of our readers) you will need a combo box which has 2 tuners allowing you to pick up the RTE channels (Ireland’s state broadcaster) as well as the freesat channels which is the name given to the UK free to air channels.

Some other extras to look out for are EPG support which basically is a TV guide. Most of these boxes have a 7 day TV guide but some don’t so this is something to look out for. A recording function is also nice to have but keep in mind that you can only record to an external hard drive on all of the boxes and this is a good investment. According to Ireland’s official suppliers at dreambox Ireland you can get over 200 channels and never have to pay another TV bill again.

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